Meanwhile, Frank and Teddy's girlfriends, Shona and Sophie, waited for their friend, Rosie, to get off a bus at Buchanan Street Bus Station. Shona glanced up at the sky above their university. The clouds in the night sky were boiling with incandescent light. "Would you look at that? Have you ever seen anything like that in your life, Sophie?"

"Ooh! What's that all about? Makes me, almost, wish I'd taken up drugs. I'd think I was having a flashback!"

Suddenly, Shona spotted something else. "What's that thing?"

A glowing sphere, apparently trailing glowing, blue, ion-plasma, burst out of the broiling clouds above a faculty building and shot off, low across the sky, heading for the city centre. "Well I never! That Sophie, is what I call a genuine unexplained phenomena."

"You mean an Unidentified Flying Object, I think, darling." Sophie replied, "Sometimes known as flying saucers. Or, in this case, balls."

You Sophie, dear heart, bless your little cotton socks, are a final year medical student. And I am a post grad. physics student. There are no such things as as flying saucers, and don't you forget it! Balls indeed! Perhaps, `Ball Lightning,' would be the prognosis in this case?" Nonetheless, they were still shaking, when they finally greeted Rosie as she stepped from the bus.

copyright, 2002 AndroMan.