Shona was first to speak. "That's either the weirdest story, or the biggest load of bollocks, I have ever heard, in my entire life!"

Sophie looked at Frank, they'd been going out together for almost a year. She looked at Teddy, he wasn't laughing. Finally, She looked Johnny over closely, paying close attention to the fading greenish pallor of his complexion and the size of his pupils. Mild shock, she thought. But, recovering fast.

Finally she said, "I think they believe all that crap. Even Frank."

Rosie took a quick, sideways glance at Johnny. He smiled, weaky, at her. What the hell! She thought. 'You won't get a better one out on his own tonight, Rosie, girl! There's a thought.'

"Never mind all that nonsense!" She said, "What about that party you were on about, Teddy, the 'Digger Disco?'"

Frank laughed. "Naw! Wuz it no the 'Grave Robber's Gavotte?' Is that still oan the night then, Teddy?"

"Very droll, I'm sure. It's the `Trongate Excavator's Ceildh.' Ah didnae think up the name. It's oan ower't the auld student union place, where maist o' the volunteers huv their digs. Should be a laugh. They've goat two accordion players, a base guitarist an' a classical violinist who's intae sixties garage band psychedelia."

"Haud me back!" Laughed Frank, determined to enjoy himself, while he still could.

Teddy turned to Johnny who was still half smiling at Rosie, with a dazed expression on his face. "What about it Johnny. Do you feel up to a party?"

Johnny shook himself. "Man! I really ought to get in touch with the US Embassy, or a consulate. What the hell! I'm always up for a hop!"

Teddy looked at him. "Gie'n the story ye've jist told us Johnny, my friend, ah reckon ye ought tae gie it a bit o' thought before ye go alertin' the authorities."

"I can dig it, man. But, When it comes to quantum physics, I'm the big man on campus in the old US of A, the guy in the cockpit. They need to know." He shook his head.

Teddy sighed, "If whit ye've told us is true. All that's strictly in the past tense, at the moment. Ye were the B.M.O.C... 40 odd year ago." He paused. "They could find whit ye've goat tae say a wee bit o' a stretch o' the auld credulity."

Frank looked at the young rocker. "By the looks o' Johnny, he's a lad who's usually up fur aw sorts o' high jinks. A guid party should be jist the thing! Whit aboot it?'

'One thing aboot a diggers, they're a moderate bunch. Ye'll no find them very argumentative. An' one or two o' them can cook, if ye like lentil burgers an' veggie bolognese. They're well up wae the real ale an' bottled beers an aw!"

"Oh, go on! Come to the party, Johnny!" Rosie placed her hand gently, but firmly, over Johnny's. "Don't worry, I'll look after you."

Johnny shrugged. "What the hell is a `Digger's Kailey,' anyway?"

As they made their way out of the bar, Teddy paused to say goodbye to Hyug. "We're off Hyug. There's a ceildh oan ower at the 'digger's.' Ur ye comin' ower later?"

Hyug shrugged. "Ah don't know, Teddy. It's getin' pretty foo.' Late opening `n aw... til' two."

Teddy laughed. "Ah think ye can guaruntee there'll be some o' us still aboot til' then. Come oan, Sheila's away. Mibbee ye could dae wae a bit o' cheerin' up."

"Ah'll see Teddy. Enjoy yer sel's oneyway."

They stopped in the doorway of the pub. Frank exclaimed, "Whit dae ye make o' that?"

Sophie goggled as her accent dropped. "Whit, in the name o' the wee man! It's rainin' fish!" Her parent's might have been from England and St Lucia, but she was Scots, born and bred.

The roads and pavements were lightly scattered with various small sea fish. One or two were still falling, gleaming orange, in the glare of the sodium street lights.

"Very, interesting." Mumbled Teddy, as they headed down the road.

copyright, 2002 AndroMan.