Shona, Sophie and Rosie waved to Hyug and paused to look for Frankie and Teddy. They headed straight for the table. Rosie turned Sophie. "Finally! They've brought another guy with them. I was fed up playing gooseberry. And he's actually about my age!"

"Hiya, boys!" Called Shona, cheerfully. "You'll never guess what me and Sophie just saw! A fire ball! Or, ball lightning! It shot over us, right across Buchanan Street bus station! The sky went really weird."

Frank laughed, "That's nothin'! Jist wait till ye hear whit this lad here's goat tae say fur hiz sel'!"

As they sat down, Teddy introduced them. "Johnny, this is Shona. We're seein' each other, at the moment. And this is Sophie she's go'in oot way Franky boy. And this one's Rosie. Watch out, she's studying psychology an' she's intae in depth therapy in a big way.'

'Johnny's a man o' mystery, ladies. He's frae America," he paused, "an' you might say he's oan a flying visit."

Shona smiled, "Hello, Johnny. I'm, studying two dimensional solid state physics, here at Strathclyde Uni, for my doctorate."

Sophie laughed, "That's what I call a guaranteed conversation killer. Im a just medical student Johnny. How did you get unlucky enough to hook up with the digger and the postman here?"

Teddy interrupted, "We've jist met, actually.'

'I'm an archaeologist, Johnny. Unfortunately, Frank here's a soon tae be ex-postman."

Whilst the young women commiserated Frankie, Teddy continued, "So whit is it yer intae yourself Johnny? Maybe it hus some bearing oan yer predicament."

Johnny looked puzzled for a moment. Then said, "I think it's physics, as well. I'm a physicist, like Shona. But, in quantum magnetic field research. At least I think so. I'm hazy on details."

"Very interesting." Mumbled Teddy, thoughtfully. He looked round and stood up. "Right! Who's drinking? I'll get these in, you impoverished bunch. Cum oan Franky an' gies a hand at the bar. We'll leave the lad to the tender ministrations o' the wimmen. He's goat quite a tale tae tell. See if yooz three can make oany sense o' it."

"As they stood at the bar Teddy turned to friend and said, quietly, "Franky, you know when I get they feelin's about things?"

"Aye. Like when you won that money oan the accumulator at the Ayr Gold Cup."

"That's right. Except, that wiz a good twitch. Aw' the hair is standin' up oan the back o' my neck. I've goat the feelin that that young rockabilly rebel back there is deeper in the soapy than he knows. If we all tag along we could be in it wae' im!"

Frank shrugged, "Mibby. Ye've been wrong before. It's some story he's goat, right enough. But, ah don't see the problem. Apart fae the fact, young Rosie's taken a shine tae him. Hes in great danger o' bein' eaten alive. Lime green socks 'n all! At least he's goat a good chance o' a bed fur the night."

"Maybe ye're right." Teddy shook his head. "Did they huv lime green soaks back in the fifties, d'ye think?" Was it his imagination or did he keep hearing helicopters overhead?


Johnny sat, still dazed, so Teddy and Frank helped to tell his tale to the three young women. Johnny nodded, or made short comments in agreement. Before they'd finished, the girls were looking at them as if they'd gone mad.

copyright, 2002 AndroMan.